Confidence From Tai Chi

I teach Tai chi and Qigong in Iron River, Michigan. I’ve been teaching for seven years and have been practicing for eighteen. I applied for and received a scholarship to attend Dr. Lam’s week-long workshop in Cincinnati, Ohio in the fall of 2018, and attended the week-long in June 2019.

My goal for the week was to gain experience, meet friends, and learn from others. From the workshop, I gained more confidence in myself and met many interesting people. It was a fun week that left many memories. My personal favorite was a morning event with Jerry Pearson, who created a documentary movie about his life and Tai Chi’s connection with dance. I also liked the part on the last day, when there was dancing. It was a bittersweet ending.

If I could have done something different, I would have opened up more (DID SAY “exposed myself more”!!!) and taken in as much as possible. As a whole, it was a great experience that I’d definitely do again. It helped me bring to my students and community the inspiration to continue doing this, and it made them see what can come out of doing this practice for a long time. I truly appreciated the experience.

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