My 2019 Workshop Experience

Christine Suruda

Christine Suruda

Christine Suruda is a 2019 Annual Workshop scholarship recipient.

I first joined the Community after I became an Instructor in 2008. I have been a continuous member ever since. I enjoy attending workshops to learn new programs to teach as well as attending “Exploring the Depths” workshops. At the workshops, I meet many Master Trainers, Senior Trainers, and Instructors. It’s a great place to network and I get so many good ideas that help me teach my tai chi classes.

I have always wanted to attend the weeklong workshop because I knew I would gain a wealth of knowledge. Because of location and costs, I wasn’t able to attend. I started applying for scholarships. I was rejected the first time and was told to try again. I kept on trying two more times and was rejected again. I tried a fourth time and received the scholarship!!!! Don’t get discouraged if you are rejected. Keep trying. Your continued work can help you when completing future applications. I have created my own tai chi resume and have included everything I have done. This includes all my paid work as well as free classes/events I have done for my community. It all counts! Maintaining your certifications, and the health community membership, show your commitment to Dr. Lam’s programs.

In addition to attending the week-long, I decided to attend the Tai Chi for Heart Conditions pre-conference workshop with Dr. Lam. I was in Tai Chi heaven! I met so many wonderful people. I have learned so much from Dr. Lam, Master Trainers, Senior Trainers, and my fellow classmates. It is making me a better instructor. In addition to our daily class sessions, there are also evening activities where we can learn other forms. Be prepared to work hard and learn tons of stuff. The talent show and the Friday dinner and dance are a lot of fun. Get ready to show off your talents. The staff at Mount St. Joseph College was very attentive to our needs. The food was excellent and suited all dietary needs. The workshop committee worked very hard to provide a positive experience.

Since I have been back I started to teach Tai Chi for Heart Conditions. I teach Tai Chi for Memory and combine that class with the heart conditions class. One of my Master Trainers introduced our class to Tai Chi Walking. My students love it and ask for it. It has improved their tai chi immensely. Their weight transference has improved and their legs are getting stronger.

Would I go again? You betcha!! It’s a great place to meet and work with Dr. Lam—a must if you have never met him before. You will have the opportunity to pick the brains of dozens of Master Trainers and Senior Trainers. You will meet instructors from all across the United States (even Alaska and Hawaii) as well as Students/Trainers from Canada and the United Kingdom. I feel part of a very big family. The friendships I have made will last a lifetime.

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