Scholar Life is Good

by Toni Dixon • March 10, 2020

A brief history….

When I was notified in the fall of 2018 that I’d won a USTCC scholarship, I was so grateful and excited. The 2019 conference in Cincinnati was amazing! Thanks to the scholarship, I was able to attend both the Pre-Conference and the Weeklong! The pre-conference was Tai Chi for Heart Conditions, with Dr. Lam and incredible Master and Senior Trainers. It was wonderful to hear Dr. Lam talk about the form and what it means to him. At the week-long, I took the “Trifecta”: Tai Chi for Memory, Rehabilitation and Diabetes. I made life-long best friends as we studied together. I participated in all of the evening events and just soaked it all up! I left there even more inspired to “go forth and make a difference.”

Since receiving the scholarship, attending the workshop and returning home, I’ve:

  • Implemented my newly certified TCHI forms at both the Dickson Senior Center (DSC) and the YMCA. We focused on Tai Chi for Heart Conditions during February, Healthy Heart Month!
  • Utilized Tai Chi for Memory and Rehab as a way of introducing Yang Style “Cloud Hands” to an audience who had been practicing Sun Style “Waving Hands in Clouds” for two years – what a learning curve!
  • Worked with the Teachers at Van Leer Elementary on the Dan Tian breathing technique and TCA.
  • Continued three weekly classes at the Dickson Senior Center and welcomed another TCA instructor! We offer private lessons as needed, so I’m grateful for the help!
  • Conducted another two-session Tai Chi and Chinese Culture workshop with the at-risk 7th graders at the YMCA.
  • Continued three weekly adult and two children’s classes at the YMCA, and also participated in ‘YMCA Sampler’ events to boost participation; offered private lessons as needed.
  • Completed planning for TCA for Kids as part of the 2020 Summer Camp Program at the YMCA.
  • Continued individual outreach efforts to older adults walking the track at the YMCA. They look so unhappy.
  • Participated in five Health Fairs (thanks to the Chamber’s list of events) providing short sessions featuring Dan Tian breathing and the TCA Commencement, O/C, and distributed class PR materials.
  • Maintained contact with the local Yoga studio – continuing to receive referrals for Tai Chi classes.
  • Made unexpected contacts at the local hospital. I’m working with them to schedule a Tai Chi for Diabetes class to start August 2020.
  • Started planning combining DSC & YMCA classes to celebrate 2020 World Tai Chi and Qigong Day! We are hoping to partner again with the local Health Department’s Healthy Lungs Walking Club. We will also do a demo downtown, and probably stop traffic again!
  • Enjoyed lots of press coverage from the local paper.
  • Worked with USTCC Board member, Denise Murray on the scholarship fundraising efforts for the 2020 Conference at Mt. Holyoke.
  • Still working on partnership efforts with the school district and especially the middle school.
  • Working with the Parks & Rec department to offer Free Tai Chi on the putting green at Henslee Park Saturdays during the month of May.

I am forever changed by my experience at the Conference. Life is good!


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