Winter 2020 Newsletter

Danniel Ward-Packard

Danniel Ward-Packard

Danniel Ward-Packard is USTCC's Interim Newsletter Editor

The Winter 2020 USTCC newsletter theme is Surviving and Thriving with Tai Chi in Interesting Times. Dr. Rebecca Pope faces the challenge squarely in Tai Chi, Holistic Exercise for Interesting Times. USTCC Vice-President Denise Murray looks on the bright side in There’s Never Been a Better Time to Teach Tai Chi. Christine Morgan provides an informative piece on the significance of the Chinese New Year in Year of the Rat. On a sad note, Libby Hill has authored a moving Remembrance of Lynne Leffel. USTCC President Johnny Packard closes the newsletter with reflections on An Extra Day in Paradise. Sprinkled throughout are submissions from five USTCC 2019 scholars: Anne Plyler, new USTCC Board member Toni Dixon, Christine Suruda, Irina Tarbeeva, and Mary Ann Browning. Nice work all!

Speaking of scholars we are pleased to announce the 2020 USTCC scholarship recipients:

  1. Debbie Yaffee &mmdash; Russ Smiley Senior Trainer Scholarship
  2. Lois Bascom
  3. Walter Bruce
  4. Tracey Carroll
  5. Ann Dalton
  6. Carol Estey
  7. Jessica Shields
  8. Eleanor Swanson
  9. Sharon Vaughn

Congratulations to each and every scholar on this great and well-deserved honor.

We look forward to meeting them and seeing you at the 2020 Dr. Paul Lam Annual United States Tai Chi for Health Weeklong workshop at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA. June 6-June 13. Have you registered yet? This year’s weeklong features a record number of classes at one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. Attending is sure to energize your tai chi practice and teaching.

2020 Weeklong Workshop Registration

Enjoy the 2020 USTCC Winter Newsletter, and may it help you to survive and thrive with tai chi, in “interesting times.”

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