USTCC.ORG Professional Development Webinar – How to Engage Your Tai Chi Participants Virtually

Denise Murray

Denise Murray is a TCHI Senior Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine, ACSM, EP-C, Certified Exercise Physiologist & Personal Trainer.

How to Engage Your Tai Chi Participants Virtually

April 18, 2021
Learn from three experienced virtual tai chi instructors and learn how to start or improve your virtual teaching in this new webinar from USTCC.ORG. Some of our topics will include:
  • How to handle technical challenges.
  • How to prepare for your virtual tai chi class.
  • How teaching virtually differs from in-person instruction.
  • How to keep participants engaged even when they aren’t visible.
  • How to evaluate your virtual teaching.

Our Presenters

Christine Bhe

TCHI Certified Instructor, Tai Chi for Veterans, TaijiFit, and Qigong

Christine is the founder of Tai Chi Wellbeing. She is honored to one of the first providers of Tai Chi for Veterans to offer virtual tai chi classes through the VA. Christine has 2 years experience teaching tai chi virtually.

Denise Murray

USTCC.ORG Vice-President, TCHI ST, ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist

Denise considers Zoom her virtual studio. She began teaching tai chi virtually when Michigan went into lockdown due to the pandemic. Today she offers classes in Tai Chi for Health, Yoga, and Small Group Personal Training.

Johnny Packard

USTCC.ORG President, BA Secondary Education, TCHI Certified Instructor

Johnny began teaching with Zoom a year ago. He co-produced the Community’s All Member Virtual Meeting in June, 2020. Johnny currently offers virtual classes in TCA and TCB/Yang 24 on Zoom.

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