Tai Chi, Good for Me Too

I’ve been teaching at a Senior Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee for seven years. When they were closed due to the pandemic, I knew I had to find a way to continue classes to keep these folks healthy. I have a wonderful park nearby that I knew could work out. We also met in the parking lot of my church for a while when the tornado ripped through the park!

We have averaged twelve participants per session doing qigong and the diabetes and arthritis forms. It has been beneficial to our physical and mental/social health as well. Many of my folks live alone and need that human contact (not literally!). I have secured the clubhouse in my neighborhood for cold weather instruction. I have considered using Zoom, but the neediest members don’t have the technology to use it.

The attached picture is from my first lesson back after having a brain tumor removed on October 20th. It’s good for me too!

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