USTCC.ORG Professional Development Webinar With Dr. Paul Lam

Denise Murray

Denise Murray is a TCHI Senior Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine, ACSM, EP-C, Certified Exercise Physiologist & Personal Trainer.

The Ripple Effects of Teaching Tai Chi In-Person and Virtually

May 16, 2021

Class Description

Early last year at the beginning of the pandemic, Dr. Lam offered the Tai Chi for Rehabilitation program on YouTube at no charge. Within one month over 50,000 people participated. At the same time, many certified TCHI Instructors around the world offered free online classes. Many people have benefited. As the pandemic continued many of our instructors started virtual classes with great success. Dr Lam will explore some of the features of in person and virtual teaching, and their ripple effects.

1 thought on “USTCC.ORG Professional Development Webinar With Dr. Paul Lam”

  1. Eleanor S. Swanson

    Dear Denise,,
    Thank you for offering Dr. Lam’s webinar on The Ripple Effect of Teaching Tai Chi .. It was excellent and enjoyable.
    Eleanor Swanson

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