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Peng Zu Qigong

Date and Time

November 1
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Vita Therapia

Entrance B, 234 Littleton Rd
Westford, MA United States

Event Organized by

Julie Oberhaus

Peng Zu Qigong (November 1)is a very traditional, ancient imperial qigong set.  It is easy to learn and is a powerful form of healing and gathering energy.  This form not only leads to better physical health and tranquil state of mind, it can also help gather energy (qi) easily.  People who practice qigong improve the internal strength and relaxation thus improving their tai chi skills dramatically.  This is a great set for both beginners and advance practitioners.

Hong Yang, MBA,is a Master Trainer in Dr. Pau Lam’s Tai Chi for Health programs. She is a Yang Family Tai Chi inheritor and a Ph.D. in Chinese Yi Ching philosophy study.  Hong is a World Tai Chi Champion in Yang Tai Chi forms and sword, Sun 73, Wu Dang sword, and Push Hands.  Hong has been studying Traditional Family Yang Tai Chi forms, sword and a wide sword since she was 5 Years old.  View her tai chi and sword demos at www.lightning-taichi.org/videos/

Cost:Early Bird $125/$160 after Sept 20, 2019

Peng Zu Nov 2019

Cost: $125

Contact: Julie Oberhaus
Email: DancingCrane8@gmail.com

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