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Taiji Bang (Stick) Qigong

Date and Time

August 7
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM


Virtual via Zoom

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Taiji Bang (Stick) Qigong is a centuries-old exercise system that uses a turned wooden stick to improve your overall health & fitness levels. It uses twisting, gripping, stepping, and stretching motions that strengthen your body, improve ROM, circulate inner energy, develop internal awareness, and improve your overall structure & alignment for both tai chi and activities of daily living. Each of the 25 Taiji Bang exercise has three distinctive health, fitness, and self-improvement goals to enhance your wellness, tai chi, and Qi flow.

The Taiji Bang is easily practiced standing or seated in a small area within your clinic, work, home, office, or other spaces. The Taiji Bang uses the same principles and overall benefits as Tai Chi.

This workshop includes a 50+ page resource packet and a PVC “Practice” Bang for you to use during and after this workshop.

Contact: Jim Starshak
Email: info@thehomegym.net
For booking or ticket, visit: https://www.thehomegym.net/CECs.ASP

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