Frequently Asked Questions

Logging in to Your Account

Your username was created at the time you signed up for your account. For most users this is firstname.lastname. If you joined before August 2019, your username will be different. However, you can log into the website with either your username or your email address.
If you have changed your email address, use your old email address to login. Then update your Personal Information with your new email address. You can also find the link to your Personal Information page on the Member Dashboard. If you don’t remember your password and have no access to your old email address please contact MemberCare.

When you first became a member, or reset your password, a temporary password was emailed to you. After you use it for your initial login, you can change your password on your Personal Information page. This link also appears on your Member Dashboard.

You can reset your password with this link or, you can select ‘Forgot your password?’ on the login page. An email with a new temporary password will be sent to you.

If you’re unable to login please contact MemberCare.


Memberships are individual. A unique email address is required for each member. At the present time, we do not offer a family discount.
A unique email address is required for each member, to login and receive email notices generated by the site. Please contact MemberCare if you have questions.
We make every effort to ensure emails get delivered to your inbox, however, with many different email providers and email readers we can’t always ensure delivery. Be sure to check your spam folder or your “promotions” tab if you use Gmail. If you continue to have difficulty receiving emails from the website please contact MemberCare.

Please visit our Join page for all pricing information.

You can compare the benefits of the two membership levels and select the membership that best meets your needs by reviewing our Join page.

From the top right corner where your name is displayed select the “Billing” option, then click “View” next to your subscription. Finally select “Change Membership Level” under the “Subscription totals” section.
At the present time, we do not offer gift memberships. Please contact MemberCare if you have questions.


We have a details list of benefits as well as a membership plan comparison on our Join page.

Yes, members have access to a detailed list of discounts on our Discounts page.

Full details on our scholarships are available on our Scholarships page.

Instructor Directory, Classes, and Events

You may get a message that states, "Hey, we found some unsaved changes from earlier and are showing the below. If you would prefer to start again then please click here to remove this revision" when you go to edit your directory listing.


This message indicates you either had unsaved changes during your last edit of your directory listing or you didn't complete all of the required fields. Review your profile and ensure it is correct, make sure you have completed your profile, and save your profile listing again to dismiss this message.

The easiest way to find an instructor is to search our Instructor Directory from our homepage. You can also search for classes and other events on the Events page.

In order to post your class or event on the website, you must be a member. Once you join, you can select Submit an Event from your Members Dashboard and complete the form. Your information will be posted and searchable by the general public.

In order to support members everywhere we have listed all available time zones. In order to select a time zone:
  1. Click the dropdown box under "timezone".
  2. Start typing the name of a major city in the time zone you wish to select.

There may be only a few cities for your time zone. Cities you could use for the U.S. would be:

Eastern Time
New York
Central Time
Mountain Time
Pacific Time
Los Angeles

Arizona users can use Phoenix, Indiana users can search for Indiana to be presented with a list of Indiana cities.

Under the "Event Location" section select "Insert a new location." You will then be presented with several options to complete:
Location Name
A publicly displayed name for your location. Once you enter a location for the first time, you can use this to select it from the Event Location drop-down box going forward.
Event Location
Start typing your location's name or address and a Google Maps search will be started. Once your location is found you can select it from the displayed list.
Latitude and Longitude
See the Latitude and Longitude FAQ for more information on using this option.
Normally the location search will automatically fill in these fields. If the location can't be found in Google Maps you can use the latitude and longitude fields to enter the location.


By going to Google Maps you can drop a pin on the map and then copy the latitude and longitude from your browser's address bar as shown below.


The Event Link field will take visitors directly to the link you enter here if they click on your event in the event list. For this reason, you should only put a link here for an event page (i.e. Eventbrite, Facebook event, etc.) for your event.


The More Info field(s) will show up as links displayed on your event listing. You can label these links (i.e. event sponsor site, your website, etc.) as needed. Visitors clicking on your event in our event list will be taken to your event listing and can click on these links to visit the them within the listing.

You can add repeating events to the calendar. Simply complete your event as you normally would and check the box for "Event Repeating." You will then be presented with options to set the repeating schedule.


For instance, for a class that meets weekly you would select "Weekly" for repeats and "1" for the repeat interval. A class that meets every other week would be "Weekly" and "2" for the repeat interval.

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