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Logging in to your account

  • What do I use for a Member Login username?

    Your username is your email address on record with USTCC. If your email address has changed, you can still try your old email address to access Members Resources.  Once access is allowed, update your Member profile with a correct email address.

  • What if I don't have an email address to use as my username?

    You are require to have an email address for creating an account in the USTCC website. Your email address is a unique method of identification in our system. 

  • What if I share the same email address with my significant other?

    A unique email address is required for each member to log in and receive email notices generated by the site.  Please contact MemberCare with your old email address and your preference for a new email address.

  • What do I use as my password?

    When you first became a member, or recently renewed, a Web Access code was provided consisting of letters and numbers.  Once access is allowed, you can change your password to your choice in Member profile.  If you don’t remember your Web Access code select “Forgot Password” on the log in menu.  An email with your password will be sent.

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