Membership FAQ

This article contains some of the frequently asked questions about memberships.

Do you offer a family membership?

Memberships are individual. A unique email address is required for each member. At the present time, we do not offer a family discount.

What if I share the same email address with my significant other?

A unique email address is required for each member, to log in and receive email notices generated by the site. Please contact MemberCare if you have questions.

Why am I not receiving email notices from USTCC.ORG?

We make every effort to ensure emails get delivered to your inbox, however, with many different email providers and email readers we can’t always ensure delivery. Be sure to check your spam folder or your “promotions” tab if you use Gmail. If you continue to have difficulty receiving emails from the website please contact us.

How much does a membership cost?

Please visit our Join page for all pricing information.

How do I select the right membership level?

You can compare the benefits of the two membership levels and select the membership that best meets your needs by reviewing our Join page.

How do I purchase a gift membership?

At the present time, we do not offer gift memberships. Please contact MemberCare if you have questions.

Still Need Help?

Contact Member Care for further assistance.

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