Planting the Seeds for the Improved USTCC.ORG Website

As tragic as the Covid-19 pandemic has been, it has also given many of us an opportunity to pause, reflect and prepare for the future. For the past few months, your USTCC.ORG Board has been busy planting seeds in preparation for making our website more effective and user-friendly. 

The Community’s Member Care Team of Terry Crews and Toni Dixon has spent many, many hours meeting via Zoom and working individually to audit the website. They have reviewed each page, talked to members, met with the Board, and our IT Contractor, Guy Finley, of WTG Marketing in order to define what our website will be and how it will perform.  The Community is blessed that Terry and Toni saw this need, and as volunteer Board Members were willing to take on this task. 

Likewise, we are fortunate to have Guy Finley as our IT Contractor. Guy is a Community Member and a 2018 Scholar. He understands our Community, the benefits of membership, and the opportunities that a well-designed website can offer our organization and you, its members. 

The USTCC.ORG website redesign will

  • Make it easier to navigate and more user friendly
  • Provide more intuitive menus to link to other web pages
  • Improve the submission process for articles 
  • Strengthen the search process making it easier to find things on the website

The tentative launch date for the improved website will be set by the board soon. Stay tuned!

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