“Unsaved Chnages” Error Message While Editing Directory Listing

You may get a message that states, “Hey, we found some unsaved changes from earlier and are showing the below. If you would prefer to start again then please click here to remove this revision” when you go to edit your directory listing.

Clearing the Error

Usually, this error occurs because you either didn’t save your changes during the last edit of your directory listing or you didn’t complete all of the required fields. Review your profile and ensure it is correct, make sure you have completed your profile, and save your profile listing again to dismiss this message.

Clearing Cookies

This error can also be caused by small bits of information your web browser keeps from previous sessions. If you repeatedly get this error, clearing your cookies may solve the problem.

The University of Indiana has an excellent article on how to clear cookies on its website.

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Contact Member Care for further assistance.

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