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Supporting Membership — $20/year

Supporting Membership Benefits include:

  • Scholarship opportunities for Dr. Paul Lam’s Annual United States Week-long Workshop
  • Access to all content on the USTCC website, including:
    • Newsletters
    • Opportunities to share ideas through the USTCC member forum
    • Bibliographies of Tai Chi Research Studies
    • Photo and video galleries
    • View posted events and classes
    • Search for an instructor
    • View Board Meeting Notes

Instructor Membership — $45/year

In addition to all the Supporting Membership benefits, Instructor Membership benefits include:

  • Instructor’s profile page
  • Inclusion on the website’s instructor search
  • A platform to post workshops and events
  • Access to group liability insurance
  • Resource materials related to Tai Chi
  • Access to the USTCC Logo
  • Download Teaching tools
  • Tai Chi Productions discounts on workshops and products

Benefits of USTCC Membership

USTCC members belong to a community of like-minded professionals working together to grow the practice and quality of tai chi in the United States

  • A platform to publish articles and research on the USTCC website and in its newsletter
  • A website designed to promote Instructor Member events, workshops and classes to both tai chi instructors and the general public
  • Scholarship opportunities to attend Dr. Paul Lam’s Annual United States Week-long Workshop
  • Access to group liability insurance.
  • Opportunities to share ideas among members through the USTCC website forum
  • Discounts on workshops
  • 10% Discount on Tai Chi Productions’ dvds, books, and other merchandise
  • Resource materials for starting and growing tai chi classes


We are proud to share other people’s stories about the Tai Chi for Health

"Winning a scholarship to the 2018 Weeklong Workshop was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We could not have afforded the trip to Oregon without the financial scholarship help. The immersion into the Community for one week was an experience that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. It has inspired us to not only do more and better, but to promote Dr. Lam and the USTCC to everyone, and reach as many people as we can. Your support with the scholarship made this all possible. We are eternally grateful."

Tom Fletcher and Barbara LaRowe

"Thank you, thank you, thank you to the USTCC for granting me the opportunity to participate in the 2018 Weeklong Workshop.  The scholarship helped me to connect with others who are focused on a similar trajectory, and to translate that experience with those who join me each week in my small communities in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan."

Anita Carter

"It was an honor to have been able to participate in the 2018 Weeklong Workshop as a USTCC scholar. I would like to express my gratitude to the Community for making this extraordinarily enriching experience possible. Sharing and growing is what the annual weeklong workshops are all about. I encourage all who wish to cultivate tai chi programs in their communities to attend the Weeklongs. It is through sharing that we all become better tai chi players, instructors, students and friends. Thus, our tai chi family becomes strengthened."

Nina Zeldin

"I was honored to be awarded a scholarship from the USTCC to attend the 2018 Weeklong Workshop. I had not been playing tai chi for long, so I was pretty nervous about going. Once I was there, everyone made me feel right at home. Not long after the workshop, one of my students broke the “no touch” policy and gave me a huge hug after her first class Tai Chi for Energy class. “I can’t tell you how energized I feel from doing this for the first time! You are amazing!” she said. While I’d love to take the credit for it, it’s the fine folks at USTCC who sponsored me and helped me to reach more people to share the wonderful benefits of tai chi. It was an amazing experience."

Guy Finley

"I was immensely honored to be awarded the Russ Smiley scholarship for the 2016 Weeklong Workshop in Cincinnati.  I am deeply grateful to the members of the USTCC who donate their time and expertise to make scholarships possible. I offer my sincere thanks to them and to everyone who contributes to the scholarship fund."

Mae Lovell

"I am grateful for the generous opportunity I was given to attend the 2016 Weeklong Workshop in Cincinnati by the USTCC. I made friendships with people I will continue to keep in touch with. I learned about tai chi forms, research and philosophy. The group demonstrations of tai chi forms were especially meaningful to me. I had no idea of the magnitude of the Community’s outreach and the variety of venues in which tai chi classes are offered. Most remarkable was the commitment to a positive attitude and accessibility for all that permeated the atmosphere. I thank all of you that made this experience possible for me."

Joan Clarahan

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