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September 21 Workshop

Tai Chi for Arthritis/Fall Prevention 2

This one day training is for those updating their Tai Chi for Arthritis and Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention Instructor Qualifications Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis (new or…

October 2 Workshop

Yang 32 Sword

BEYOND THE HAND FORMS Beyond the bare hand Tai Chi form awaits the elegant and highly effective Tai Chi Sword. Which has long been considered the highest achievement in Tai Chi training.The beautiful and flowing Tai…

October 19 Workshop

Sun Style 73 Forms Play Session

We will review and refine the Sun 73 forms while exploring the principles Cost:Early Bird $75/$100 after Sept 19

November 1 Workshop

Peng Zu Qigong

Peng Zu Qigong (November 1)is a very traditional, ancient imperial qigong set.  It is easy to learn and is a powerful form of healing and gathering energy.  This form not…

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