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A Message from Dr Paul Lam’s US Workshop Team:

Dear June 2020 Conference Participants,

The workshop team has been getting a lot of inquiries about the status of the June 2020 Pre-conference and Conference at Mount Holyoke College. We’ve come to the sad, but inevitable conclusion that we must postpone the June 2020 conferences this year. With the spread of COVID-19, travel is becoming increasingly difficult, and most importantly, we have to act to preserve the good health of all conference participants and instructors.

We have made arrangements with Mount Holyoke College to reschedule this year’s June 2020 conferences. The Pre-conference Weekend Workshop will be June 5-6, 2021, with check in on June 4th. The Weeklong Conference will be June 7-12, 2021, with check in on June 6th, and check out June 13th. We are also working with Mount Holyoke College to find financial arrangements that make as much sense as possible for all parties. All of us are facing a cash flow problem, so we’ll work to do what we can to deal with the complicated financial issue.

At this time, we’d like to ask for your patience and your help. If you are in a position to apply this year’s June 2020 conference(s) payments to next year’s June 2021 conference(s), we would like to ask you to do so. For those who do, we will hold the June 2020 price for next June’s 2021 conferences, and be grateful for your help to see the whole community through this crisis. If you cannot plan ahead to attend next year’s conferences, you may apply your fee toward Dr. Lam’s Fall 2020 workshops. If you request a refund, we have extended the regular refund policy, but we need some time to come to a financial agreement with Mount Holyoke College for the return of funds already paid. We will communicate with all registered participants when we have come to that agreement.

We’ve extended our regular refund policy dates for June 2020 conference(s). Cancellation fees are $75 for requests before May 1st, 2020; $100 for requests before June 1st, 2020. Beginning June 1st, 2020, NO REFUND for cancellation requests for 2020 conference(s). When applicable, admin fees may be applied for course study materials already sent to you or course changes you requested.

So at this time, we ask you to work with your airlines or other travel companies to cancel, reschedule, or refund your fares. If you can, please let us know whether you wish to apply your June 2020 registration fees to next year’s 2021 June conference(s). We’d appreciate it, as that knowledge will help our planning. Finally, if you requested re-certification (updates) of current Tai Chi for Health programs at this year’s June 2020 conference, stay tuned. We’re working on a way to make that possible.

We’re sorry that we’ve had to take these actions. We all love getting together to learn and play. For many of us the June conferences are important ways we stay in touch with dear tai chi friends. Please do take care of your health and health of your loved ones. We’ll stay in touch with you as arrangements develop.

Our workshop team can be reached at 844-823-7526, Monday-Friday, 9 AM-1 PM, Eastern, or service@drlamtaichiworkshops.com

Stay safe and well.
Best Wishes
Paul Lam

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What are your go-to practice shoes? Do you use Chinese footwear? Do you ever practice barefoot? How do you feel about arch support? Favorite brands and sources?
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