Our Mission is to promote the instruction and practice of tai chi for health and wellness

United States Tai Chi Community is a non-profit organization that supports the practice and instruction of tai chi for health and wellness. Join more than 500 current members who share a passion for promoting safe, effective, and accessible tai chi programs. Both tai chi players and certified instructors are welcome. Connect with potential participants through our instructor search engine, and interact with our diverse community.


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Our events calendar includes one day or longer workshops that will build your skills, deepen your practice, and better your life. The offerings reflect the diversity of our membership, and the richness of tai chi.


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At tonight's USTCC Member Town Hall we will raffle off the pictured fine art Giclee wall scroll printed on silk. Must be in attendance at the Town Hall to win (no raffle ticket purchase necessary). ... See MoreSee Less

This two minute video will provide you with all the details about the first ever USTCC member Town Hall on Zoom, Sunday June 14th 8 pm EDT. ... See MoreSee Less

June is Alzheimer's Brain Awareness Month #ABAM and Dr. Paul Lam's Tai Chi for Memory is useful for people who want to improve their memory or brain health. It combines Sun style which enhances internal energy or "Qi" and the Yang style movements which are gentle, relaxing and effective at growing your inner power. It is especially useful for people with memory loss, Alzheimer's disease, or similar conditions.

Dr. Lam practiced Tai Chi with his own Mother who had memory issues, it was a way to maintain a connection with her and something they could share together.
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