Spring 2021 – News from the Community

The United States Tai Chi Community has been working hard during the pandemic to provide maximum benefit for your membership. This includes holding our annual election, the return of our virtual Professional Development Series, multiple improvements to our website, and continued support for Dr. Paul Lam’s 2021 Annual United States Tai Chi for Health Workshop. Read on to learn more!

In February the Board held its Annual Election. Congratulations to Nina Zeldin who joins the Board for her first term. Welcome, Nina! Kate McKee and Donnie Poling were re-elected to their second terms as Directors, with Donnie also returning as Treasurer for a second two-year term.. Denise Murray, Julie Oberhaus, and Johnny Packard were re-elected to their third and final terms as Directors, with Denise returning for her second two-year term as Vice-President. Finally, Toni Dixon was elected to her first two-year term as Secretary. Thanks to all USTCC.ORG Directors for their continued service to the Community.

In the fall of 2020 Community Board members Kate McKee and Terry Crews collaborated on a very successful “Zoom Training 101” series, The series returned again this spring and was a great success. Kate shares the details in the article “Teaching Colleagues How to Zoom.”

To supplement “Zoom 101”, Community Board members Denise Murray and Sheila Bassoppo-Moyo collaborated on three Professional Development events. Denise provides a thorough account in the article “Inaugural Professional Development Series.”

The United States Tai Chi Community is pleased to offer scholarships to Dr. Paul Lam’s 18th Annual Weeklong Workshop in the USA via zoom.  This year we have a combined group of 2020 and 2021 scholarship recipients.  The USTCC.ORG Scholarship Committee along with Dr. Paul Lam and his workshop team were able to offer all 2020 and 2021 scholarship recipients two possible choices to take advantage and receive their tuition scholarships.  They could either choose to attend the June 2021 Virtual Weeklong Workshop or they could choose to hold their scholarship until June 2022 when the workshop will hopefully be held in person.  Most of the 2020 and 2021 scholarship recipients chose to attend the 18th Annual Weeklong workshop via zoom this June, while a few decided to hold off in hopes of attending in person.

The Board and Scholarship Committee of the United States Tai Chi Community is pleased to honor those scholars attending Dr. Paul Lam’s 18th Annual USA Weeklong Workshop via zoom.

  1. Debbie Yaffee – Russ Smiley Senior Trainer Scholarship Recipient
  2. Lois Bascom
  3. Tracey Carroll
  4. Michael Cline
  5. William Houting
  6. Jessica Shields
  7. Eleanor Swanson
  8. Sharon Vaughn

Support of Dr. Lam’s annual workshop is a primary component of the Community’s mission.

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